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Who we Are

Integración Ecoindustrial S.l. is an Agricultural Engineering Company founded by a group of professionals with extensive background and deep knowledge Planning, Developing and building up Agro-Industrial Turn-Key Projects worldwide

Knowledge and Experience acquired during the past 10 years within the scope of Agro-Industrial Projects allowed our company to create a system called TOTAL GROWING KONCEPT ®, shaped, as an Integrating Method of Products and Services meant for a 21st Century Agriculture.

Thus, our commercial brand reference is TGROK

TGROK provides to farmers willing to be cost – effective and therefore to enhance their competitiveness, an Integrated System for customized Turn- Key Projects.

We Offer

  • Manufacturing and Construction of Agro-Industrial Turn-key Projects, customized to client´s needs
  • Análisis global y particular del proyecto a ejecutar, desde el punto de vista técnico y económico.
  • Global and Personalized Analysis of each and every Project to be constructed, technically and economically viable
  • Financial Schemes solutions and Funds Management
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Technical Support required to coordinate and construct the Engineering Project that includes the necessary technology to obtain the optimum yield with the requested quality, all of this, adjusted to the following features; Geotechnical and Physical studies, Water sources, and climatic conditions


  • Choice of the ideal products and services to be installed, manufacturing, logistics coordination, door to door delivery, construction and setting up, project start-up, provide support to market end –products worldwide (commercialize fresh products), and funds management throughout different schemes.