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Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy


Tgrok provides within its portfolio of products and services, consultancy services, Outsourcing Technology and ERP programmes.

The objective is to cooperate with our clients so to detect which aspects of the process are to be improved and introduce the necessary methods for the company´s development, analizing the ability to adapt to the Global Market, what is required by the current economy and its constant change.

A1. Strategy and Business Transformation

Evaluation of the current Business strategy, analyzing each and every parameter involved, (Administration, Human Resources, Business Plan, Budgets, Costs, Diversification, Logistics, Organization Chart, Assignment of Duties, Sales and Marketing, Resources Optimization, Sinergies and operational partnerships, Incentives Plan, motivation, training and education programmes). Tgrok Integrated Value Chain.

The nature of the study will be captured in a Transformation Memorandum, in which it is confirmed/approved the strategy carried out by the company or Tgrok will suggest to re-direct such, undertaking an internal process in which, a practical memo will justify the changing nature and the phases of it.

A2. Sales and Marketing

Tgrok undertakes strategic diagnosis on the client search process, offers´ launching method, price policies, corporate image, optimization of the commercialization network, Customer Satisfaction Test, and the screening of any aspect required by the client.

Transformation Projects focused to improve commercial efficiency, taking into account the sales taskforce, internal reorganization, roles and responsibilities identification.


A company transformation based in Information Technology Systems: To define a model perfectly aligned with any type of business.
We specialize in transforming IT operations to complement business directions and priorities, and deliver IT services consistently and effectively. We provide a roadmap to support clients through the IT change process while aligning the business and achieving stakeholder agreement. The result is dramatic improvements in collaboration between users, applications, and technology components, generating significant value for any business and creating competitive advantage.

Industrialized Models, to define the organization system model, IT Management Plan Competences, Outsourcing Plans, Cost Reduction Plan, Suppliers Management, to sum up, we do give support to Systems Directors to optimize its efficiency.


As organizations develop new strategies, Human Resources must meet the challenge, providing a continuing stream of talent, building organizational capability and driving the systems and processes that create a high performance culture. These strategic needs must be met within the context of continuing pressures to reduce costs and improve services.

To optimize competences and functional Management:

To define and measure competences, functions, (cartography, evaluation..), to bring forward risks from insufficiency of competences, technical knowledge transference...

To develop Human Resources functions as strategic characters of human capital

To suggest, optimize and apply company policies, Adjusted Human Resources Proceedings (Outsourcing)

To measure and control the Human Resources result:

Human Resources Results Evaluation (indicators, benchmark, diagnosis...), industrialize the Human Resources control, to demonstrate the value of the Human Resources Value.

A5. Information Technology

To implement the necessary Management Software so to develop the business area required.

A6. Export – Import Strategy

To evaluate the necessity to use Export – Import as a strategy

Dimensioning and Implementation of an Export Department

Diversification Strategy

Business Plan to expand your company overseas

Economic Analysis and Fiscal Impact

Market Research and Feasibility Studies

Local Partners Search

Participation of Private Equity and Hedge Funds